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Welcome to the world of Gems & Jewelery.

A lively world of beauty , elegance and style. A beautiful stylish and historic / modern cut brought to your life using over 100 different natural coloured gemstones, the best that nature has to offer. With a great deal of commitment Shah Gems & Jewellery Manufacturing Co. has done extensive research work into the manufacturing techniques, ancient as well as modern, to make metal and rough gemstones look more beautiful and usable for your elegant & stylish jewellery.

Shah Gems & Jewellery Manufacturing Co. has been supplying Jewellery and gemstones to many jewellers and gem merchants all over the world. And in foreign market. Jewellery and Gems have always met their clients requirements by supplying high quality jewellery and gemstones at competitive prices.

Being the life member of Jewelers Association, Jaipur and honoree member of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India, which itself reflects our reliability. We assure very good Quality and reliable services all the times.

Business Opportunity

Once you see our jewellery / gemstones we assure you will be with us for and sure to begin along with your mutually beneficial business relationship. We have been supplying our products to Europe, USA , Australia , Russia , Japan , Singapore , etc.....


Shah Gems & Jewellery Manufacturing Co. started in the year 1985 with a vision to satisfy customer requirements through its quality, Price and Services is promoted by Mr. Rajesh Shah, President and Owner of the Company. This Website is an effort to increase Jewellery and Gems market exposure and to facilitate those who are looking for reliable source of Jewellery and gemstones. When it comes time to order, you still get to deal with real people with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


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