Place An Order

How to place an order for online goods ? This is a general guide to the steps to follow to place an order.

1. Log on or Register
Existing customers will need to log on by entering their username and password.
New customers will need to register.

3. Read information provided about products available
In the case of products, search for the product you require using Quick Search or by browsing through available product categories.
click on the required product to see a description of the product, its price, weight and quality.

4. Add to cart
If you have not already done so you will now need to log on or register.
Enter required quantities and Click on Add to Cart
In the View Shopping Cart screen you will be able to update required quantities, delete an item by clicking on the Delete.

5. Select shipping
In provided shipping agencies, you can select any one. We alsoshowing calculated freight on shipment which you selected for buying.

6. Checkout
If you have reviewed your cart details, then you have to click on Checkout button. It will generate your order and will send a copy of the same on your registered email address.

7. Pay Now
Once you have completed your shopping with us, you have to click on pay now button. It will open a safe and secure page on paypal with your order amount (including shipping). Now you can enter your credit card information's and submit.

8. Executive order and dispatch shipment
Our executives will review your order and payment details. It your payment successfully received in our paypal account then they will will executive order for ship (shipment will dispatch with your selected shipping agency)



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