Set With Diamonds & Swiss Blue topaz

SKU: SG-10505
US $ 2,465.75
Stone Shape: Round Chacker faceted
Stone Size: 10mm-3 pcs
Stone Weight: 24.20 cts
Total Weight: 20.610
Diamond Weight: 2.20 cts
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- Estimated Handling Time: 3 days

Ring diamond size- 1mm-38pcs,1.10mm-4pcs,1.20mm-4pcs //// Earring diamond size- 1.00mm-84pcs,1.20mm-32pcs. //// Pendant diamond ; 1.60mm 40 pcs. 1.80mm 6 pcs///

diamond quality GH VS to SI1

to make its price lower, we can do in 9k or with some other gems or lower the diamond quality.


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