ShahGems Genuine Swarovski 925 silver Women's Earrings Half Hoops (Swarovski Collection)

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Genuine swarovski elements half hoop earrings in 925 sterling silver.
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These are genuine Swarovski elements half hoop earrings. The setting and stones are really unique and the brilliance of the stone will not get dull.

Pure 925 silver jewelry. All jewelry by ShahGems is genuine and no artificial metal is used. Every piece is made to international standard and is free of nickel/lead

This is packed in an elegant jewelry box ready for gifting to your loved ones

Hallmarked with 925 to guarantee the silver purity. These earrings are made by genuine Swarovski elements crystals. It is white rhodium plated for a long lasting fine finish

Every piece of jewelry is carefully inspected for quality. We make jewelry to last for generations. Made in India


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